HT color steel corrugated roof sheet making machine

Product Description

HT color steel corrugated roof sheet making machine


(1) Material of frame: 350mm H shape steel welding 

   (2)Thinckness of middle plate:14mm

   (3) Step of forming roller : 16steps

  (4) Diameter of shaft (solid shaft): 76mm

 (5) Material of shaft (solid shaft): (high grade) 45# Steel, quenched and tempered treatment,hard chromize coated 0.05-  0.07mm on the surface of the roller.

 (6) Drive type of roll forming machine : drive by chain

 (7) Chain : 25.4 mm (high grade)

 (8) Bearing : 6210 (high grade)

 (9) Reducer : 5# cycloid reducer (high grade)

 (10) Power of main motor : 5.5KW

 (11) Voltage : 220v/60Hz/3phase

 (12) Line speed : about 12-15 m/min

 (13) Feeding width : 1000mm

 (14) Suitable coil thickness : accepted thickness for steel coil is 0.4mm-0.8mm.

 (15) Motor power of hydraulic station : 4kw

 (16) Oil pump of hydraulic station : gear oil pump (high grade)

 (17) Hydraulic cutting: cutting controlled by PLC

 (18) Accuracy of cutting : +/- 1.5mm in per 3 meters

 (19) Razor blades material : Cr12, quenching 58-62 °. 

(20) Appearance size of main forming machine : 8.5m (length)*1.3m (width) *1.5m (height)

(21) Weight of main forming machine : about 8.7T

(22) Electrically controlled system : entire machine controlled by PLC


(24) Frequency converter : DELTA(TAIWAN)

(25) Frequency converter power : 7.5KW

(26) Encoder : RUI PU(high grade)

(27) Controlling desktop : text panel screen (high grade)

(28) Electrical parts : DELIXI or CHINT

We know there are many companies you can choose, and maybe you think our price is higher than others, so I will introduce the different between our products and others. And how to choose the good machine. And why ours is higher.


 First ,our shaft is solid, low price is hollow ,the use steel pipe instead of shaft. The shaft is one of the most important about the machine, we know it main press the plate, if the shaft is low quality, it can’t bear the pressure ,so it’s easy to broke. So this is one about our high price, we ensure the quality.


Our shaft is 45# steel, quenching and tempering treatment, low price is ordinary steel and no quenching and tempering treatment, and our roller is bigger than low price machine, and the treatment of roller surface is hard chromize coated 0.05-0.07mm, low price is 0.01-0.03mm even they paint silver powder instead of chromize coated




Our main frame is 25# I beam, others often small than us or use the H . This frame is the main frame, it nearly bear the whole weight, so it must be strong. And we use the I beam so that running is steady and reliable.


Our middle plate is 14, low price is 10-12. The middle plate bear the shaft. If it too thin ,it can’t bear the shaft for long time. The result is broken.





our purpose :take the quality to the first,must let you satisfy ,to reach the common benefit,built long fridenly relationship for us.








so if you are interested in our products,please don't hesitate to contract me.

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