4m cold sheet hydraulic shearing machine

Product Description

 steel cutting machine 

the specification

(1) Material of frame : (high grade) 360mm , 300mm and 160mmH shape steel welding

(2) Material of tool apron : 300mm Channel steel

(3) Material of stanchion : 300mm Channel steel

(4) Length of plate : 6.0m

(5) Suitable coil thickness : accepted thickness for steel coil is 0.0mm-1.0mm.

(6) 3 cylinder hydraulic drive, stroke is 150mm

(7) Oil pump :Gear oil pump,pressure is 25MPa

(8) Power of motor : 3KW

(9) Voltage : 380V/50Hz/3phase

(10) Appearance size of main forming machine : 4.4m (length)*1.0m (width) *2.1m (height)


The same machine,why choose us?

The outer,we have passed ISO9001:2008,and win the good reputation for so many years.

The inner,we notice the quality(the follow has the detailed introduction of advantage),every part passed the strictly check.we idea,as long as you buy,you will buy again ,but not let down our machine,we will the long business,not only once.and we have the perfect after-sale,you don't worry anything.

the advantage of our mahcine,why is better than others.

1). Material of machine main frame: our is" I" beam, low price is [H" beam.

2). Size of machine main frame : our is 360mm, low price is 250-350mm.

3). Thickness of middle plate : our is 14mm, low price is 10-12mm.

4). Type of shaft : our is solidlow price is hollow, they use steel pipe instead of shaft.

5). Diameter of shaft : our is 74mm, low price is 50-60mm

6). Material of shaft : our is (high grade) 45# Steel,quenching and tempering treatment, low price is ordinary steel and no quenching and tempering treatment.

7). Material of roller : our is (high grade) 45# Steel,quenching and tempering treatment, low price is ordinary steel and no quenching and tempering treatment.

8). Size of roller : our is bigger than low price machine

9). Treatment of roller surface: our is hard chromize coated 0.05-0.07mm, low price is 0.01-0.03mm even they paint silver powder instead of chromize coated

10). Size of chain : our is 25.4 mm (high grade and [DONGHUA BRAND"famous brand of China), low price is 19.05mm(not high grade and famous brand of China)

11). Bearing : 6210 (high grade and [HAERBIN BRAND"famous brand of China), low price is not high grade and famous brand of China.

12). Motor and Reducer : our is 5# cycloid reducer (high grade and [MENGNIU BRAND" famous brand of China), low price is 4#(not high grade and famous brand of China).

13). Oil pump of hydraulic station : gear oil pump (high grade). Low price is not gear oil pump

the follow is our company,welcome to visit us.

notes: we can customize the design and fabrication on the particular type of machine according to the request of customer.


The warranty of machine is 12months and the electrical  part is 3 months in the normal use.

our purpose :take the quality to the first,must let you satisfy ,to reach the common benefit,built long fridenly relationship for us.

so if you are interested in our products,please don't hesitate to contract me.

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